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Plan Now For Summer Camp and Activities�
Before you know it, summer will be here, so it�s important to begin planning for a summer camp or teen activities for your children. When selecting a camp of program for your child, consider their interests and needs, as well as what types of sports and hobbies they enjoy. Picking the right camp can enrich your child�s summer and create a rewarding experience that can last a lifetime.

What Can the Camp Professor Do For You?
The Camp Professor has done the research for you. We have a network of summer camps, facilities, and programs for you to choose from. We take the time to review summer camps and teen programs so you don�t have to.

Consider the Kind of Knowledge We Can Share With You�
Since each and every child is unique, it is important to identify the needs of each individual. This may include age, skills, hobbies and interests. We can help you indentify your child�s interests so you can select a camp or teen program more easily. By selecting a camp or program that meets your child�s needs and interests, whether it be sports, arts and crafts or other activities, he or she will enjoy the camp even more. By participating in fun and enjoyable activities, your children will develop new skills, new relationships and a lifetime of summer memories to enjoy.

FREE Information, DVD's and Brochures Available To You�
Not only can we provide you with online information, but we also sent you free materials for summer camps and teen programs selected for you.

Not Sure About a Day Camp or Overnight Camp?
If you�re not sure about a day camp, overnight camp or teen program, let us help and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect camp for your children.