Commonly asked questions
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Who is the Camp Professor?

The Camp Professor is Jerry Halsband, and his staff of dedicated camp experts. Jerry Halsband personally has over 50 years in the camping industry. You read it right – HE HAS BEEN PERONALY INVOLVED WITH CAMPS FOR OVER 50 YEARS!!! He is an innovator, leader and icon throughout the camping industry.

More About Jerry

In 1942, after Jerry’s parents were running sleep-away camps for more then 10 years, they started their own sleep-away camp in upstate New York. From the inception of his parents camp at the young age of eight, Jerry was a camper. This was the foundation which began his long and fruitful career in summer sleep-away camps. After his camper years were over, he continued working in almost every aspect of his family’s camp. He later took over the operation of the camp, and, made it into one the area’s largest camps. In 1973, he purchased two more camps, making him the largest camp owner at the time.

Jerry is a fixture in camping. He was a member of The American Camping Association (ACA,) Association of Private Camps, and New York State Camp Directors Association for over 40 years! Jerry has helped to set the standards in the camping industry.

Jerry has extensive knowledge in all aspects of sleep-away camps. He knows the camps, as well as the camp owners and directors, so he knows what is best for your child.

To his credit, Jerry graduated from Cornel University in 1954 and is an active member of their alumni. He also served our country as a decorated officer in the Air force.

To his credit, Jerry graduated from Cornel University in 1954 and is an active member of their alumni. He also served our country as an officer in the Air force.

Jerry started the Camp Professor to be a helping hand to parents. Jerry loves what he does, and after one phone call you will see for yourself, that when it comes to finding the right camp for your child, Jerry has the experience and knowledge to find the "perfect camp" to give your child a “perfect summer”. Jerry currently plays an important role in helping camps keep the highest standards, which makes him an excellent resource in providing camp referrals.

Is there a fee for this service?

We never charge a fee for our service. Our service is always 100% free to you.

What happens once I contact the Camp Professor?

We make the process easy and simple.
1) 1) Fill out the online application, which will provide us with a basic profile of your child. It will also give us an idea of the type of camp, price, length, and location of the camp which best suites you and your child.

2) 2) After our initial review of your application, we will give you a follow-up call. At this time, we will narrow down the kind of camp which fits your child’s interests, and of course your budget. With hundreds of camps to choice from, we will find the right camp for you.

3) In a few days you will start receiving packages from camps which we have determined is a good match for your child. The packages will have camp DVD’s, brochures, and information about the camp program, and price. We will then give you a brief follow-up call, to see if we can be of any assistance. Of course you can always call us 7 days a week, as we are always happy to speak with you, and answer all questions you may have.

4) If you find a camp you like, you can personally contact the camp, and speak with the Directors. If the camps do not meet your needs, we will be happy to provide information on alternative camps.

Is there a limit to how many camps I can review?

We will send you information on as many camps as possible for you to feel 100% comfortable in your decision. We understand that choosing a camp is a huge decision. These are the best years of a childs life, and a wonderful camping experience will last a lifetime. It is our goal to find the camp that will give your child a fun-filled summer with memories that will last forever.

Can I count on the Camp Professor to always be there?

We are here for you 7 days a week. Our office is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You never have to worry about calling us too much, we love to hear from you, and will never rush you off the phone. There is no such thing as an unimportant question. Every question is important and every question deserves a quality answer. Even when your child is in camp, we are still here for you.

From your experience do you think it is a good idea for my children to go to the same camp I
went to when I was younger, or a camp where their good friend is attending?

This is not an easy decision and depends on several factors. It is important to consider how the camp may have changed or the differences between the parent's and the child's needs and desires. In cases, children go to a camp that a friend has enjoyed, assuming they will enjoy it too. All too often, this assumption proves wrong. This may be because the children have different interests and prefer different activities, or the age group may vary.

The camp experience is made in the bunk and most children have a good time wherever they go. The basic difference will be in the quality and ratio of facilities, the experience and ratio of the staff and the standards established, set, and directed by the owners. And wherever they go they will bond and make friends for life.