Children not residing in the USA.
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Summer camp is a great way for your children to spend the summer.
Every summer, thousands of children from around the world attend American Sleep Away Camps. Sleep-away camps will provide your child with an unforgettable, safe, fun-filled summer that your child will never forget. Not only will your child experience many aspects of American culture, but they will also be immersed in the English Language. Children return home with wonderful memories, and a remarkable new command of the English Language.

Your child will fit right in the camp.
Summer camps love having international campers, and they are treated as special guests. American campers enjoy the experience and culture of there new foreign friends. New friendships are made which last throughout the year. Over 90 percent of all international campers return for another summer!

Camp staff understands the needs of international campers.
The majority of supervisory staff at camps are American School teachers. Remember, America is the melting pot of the world. Teachers work with foreign students all year. They regularly come in contact with with students who have recently arrived to American. They are familiar with their needs and culture.

Traditionally, most camps hire international staff members. College students from around the world enjoy working at sleep-away camps. Sleep-away camps are a great way to spend a summer in America. International staff and campers add a wonderful cultural diversity to the camp experience. It is a learning experience for all campers, and staff.

We help you through the entire process.
We will not only help you find the perfect camp for your child, but will also find the camp that has extensive experience with international campers. The camp will guide you through the entire process. They help with visa�s and documentation needed. We help coordinate the entire trip. We will be there from the time you enroll your child, until your child arrives back home.

You can rest easy, that your child is in safe caring hands.
When your child arrives at the airport, a staff member will be waiting to greet them when they step off the plane. A professional driver will take them to the Camp. Once they arrive at the camp they will be greeted by the Camp Staff who will take care of all their needs.

Your children�s valuables, such as passport, airline documents, money, will be inventoried and kept safe for your child when not needed.

When camp is over, your child will be driven to the airport, and escorted to the plane. A staff member will wait with your child until they board the plane and it takes off. From start to finish we will be in constant communication with you.

You can rest easy knowing that your child is in safe caring hands!